Product Image Descriptions Specifications
ULTRASCAN: Handheld Metal Detector.
Detects: Medium Pistol at10” (250 mm)
Pistol, 25 cal. at 8” (200 mm)
Mini revolver, 22 cal. at 6” (150mm)
Cartridge, .357 at 4” (100 mm)
Razor blade at 2” ( 50 mm)
Hat pin at 1” ( 25 mm).
Scan Rate: 3” to 24” (75-600 mm) per second.
Electronics: The highly reliable advanced detection circuitry is housed in a rugged high impact ABS plastic case and detects all metals and alloys.
Alarm Indicators: High efficiency piezo electric beeper and multi-function BLUE LED indicator.
The BLUE LED indicates the following three functions; 1)Normal Light when the unit is switched ON.
2)Brighter Light when metal object is detected.
3)Flashing light when battery is low.
Power Requirement: Ultrascan works on rechargeable batteries.
Low Battery Warning: Low battery is indicated when the LED starts flashing. However the unit continues to function for several hours after the Low Battery Warning.
Dimensions: Length: 394mm
Body width: 36mm
Thickness: 33mm
WEIGHT: 300 Gms (Approx)
FEATURES: 1)For fast weapon screening and theft prevention.
2)Highly sensitive scanning circuit - fast scan rate.
3)Instant response - clear visual and audio alarms.
4)No false alarms - digital go–no go threshold circuit.
5)Auto calibration - Does not require zero adjustment.
6)High sensitivity for non-intrusive body searching.
7)Elegantly styled molded ABS housing.
8)Electronic switching with tactile feedback.
9)Three state Blue LED alarm and status indicator.
10)Field strength - no affect on pacemakers and magnetic media.
11)Detects all metals and alloys.