Pneumatic Bollards - HGI12PR

Drive Pneumatic
Rating K12
Descriptions Specifications
Drive Pneumatic
Rating K12
Cylinder Diameter Up to 325 mm
Height 1000-1200 mm
Thickness 12 mm
Speed 3-4 sec.
Cylinder Material ST 37
Special Stainless Steel Cover SS 304
Cylinder Surface Treatment Hot Dip galvanized plus epoxy coating
Impact Resistance 1500 kJ (kilojoules)
Breakout Resistance 2500 kJ (kilojoules)
Hydraulic Drive Unit 3 Phase Power Supply 440v, 50 Hz
Power Supply 5-6 ATM air pressure
110-240V AC (Compressor)
In case of Power Failure Manual Operation available with 05 cycle up and down movements
Water proof and protection Compliant to IP 67 Standards
Reflective Strips Red LED
Finishing Treatment Zinc coating (inside out), stainless steel cover,Anti-corrosion Epoxy treatment
Operating Temperature -20 to 60 degree centigrade
Operating Cycles per hour Heavy duty work frequency with 10000 cycles maneuvers per day.
Life Cycle Tested for life with at least 10 million operations.
MTBF 10 Million Operations
Safety Against Vehicle Loop Detector duly integrated
Safety Against Human Traffic Photo Sensors duly integrated
Control Unit PLC based Control unit with tailor made integration with all Access Control Devices