Ground +1 Stack Car Parking

S.No. Features
1 Galvanized Platforms - Long life, rust free, corrosion free & easy to clean. Minimum electric consumption -
2 Safety locks give an additional safety feature for avoiding fall of plat form is case of any hydraulic Failure.
3 Operational cost minimal as the downward movement require electrical power of 0.1Amp only.
Descriptions Stacker Parking Dependent Type
Small Size Car SUV's
Platform Length (mm) 4000to 4500 4800 to 5000
Platpform Width (mm) 2200 2400
Lifting Capacity per Platform (Kg) 2500 3000
Lifting Clearance 1750 to 1850 1900 to 2100
Lifting Travel Time 19 to 21 Sec. 22 to 25 Sec.
Lifting Operation Hydraulically
Motor on Power Pack 2.2KW/3HP
Operating Panel Automatic and Manual