Queue Manager

Q MANAGER Manufacturer & Supplier in India
We are Leading Manufacturer, Exporter, Wholesaler, Bulk Order Executor and Supplier of Q Manager in Delhi & lucknow (India), Q Manger is Made of stainless steel (SS) body with heavy base comprising retractable Belt / Ribbon 2.75 Meters To Ribbon 3 Meters length with inter locking feature with color Available in Red/ Blue/ Black / Orange / Green. Message/ logo printing can also be done at additional cost. Q Manager also called as SS Q Manager/ Stainless Steel Q Stand / Crowd Control Stanchion Post / Queue Management System / Q Up Barricade Stand / Crowd Control Barricade Pole / Queue Barriers / Queue Manager with Belt or Ribbon. Que Manager of Honesty are used in Airports, Hospitals, Events, Banks, Hotels, Railway Stations, Metro Stations, Retail Outlets, Shopping malls, Temples, Car Show Rooms, Clubs, Theaters and Multiplexes. Q Manager helps solve this problem by providing its varied range of solutions and it can be installed anywhere managing the crowd of People. More Then 20+ Model Are Available all Product Manufacturer in India

Specifications of Q Manager:
Material: Stainless Steel SS 202 / SS 304 Grade.
Diameter of Pole: 63mm
Belt Width: 50 MM & Length: 2.75 Meters.
Belt Type: Retractable Belt / Retractable with Anti-Breaking System (Optional)
Height of Pole: 1000 mm.
Base: 320 x 320 mm.
Belt / Ribbon: Synthetic with Custom Color, Screen & Digital Print options available.
Connectivity: 3 Receiving Points & 1 Delivery Point for 4 way connectivity.
Weight: 8 Kg’s / 10 Kg’s / 12 Kg’s / 14 Kg’s Approximate.
1Belt / Ribbon Color: Red/ Blue/ Black / Orange / Green
Brand: HONESTY – Q Manager
Note: Logo Charges Extra and For Customization MOQ is 20 Pieces.

Queue Manager Features:
1. Highly efficient
2. Durable.
3. Reliable
4. Universal 4-way band clips to integrate with different manufacturer units.
5. Heavy duty woven belt for high durability.
6. Interlocking belt ends to prevent accidental belt release.
7. Replaceable belt mechanism.
8. Stainless steel rust resistant body.
9. Built-in rubber floor protectors.
10. Easy assembly in seconds.
11. Belt can be customized with custom Logo/Message.

Applications of Queue Manager:
Q Manager for Hospitals: Q Manager is help hospitals in helping others by reducing confusion and provides absolute efficiency. Queue Manager helps in securing maintenance through a fragile environment where patients need to be taken care of and managed with care.
Stainless Steel Q Stand for Hotels: Stainless Steel Q Stand is blend-in perfectly with any kind of interior decor and ambience whilst also providing solutions for people management. The products can be customized according to inner décor with the help of various options like height of the post, finishes and branding on the belt. Our products help maintain the relevant elegance with a high range of colour choices.
SS Q Manager for Railways:SS Q Manager Products help deal with large crowd and unmanageable chaos involving a large number of people by maintaining discipline when required and providing options for individual assistance to customers at the counters.
Crowd Control Stanchion Post for Retail Outlets:Crowd Control Stanchion Post offers easy and convenient space management whilst ensuring the continuation of a fine shopping experience through innovative methods and products designed to suit the needs of any retail outlet and the pleasure of their customers.
Crowd control Barricade Pole for Airports: Crowd control Barricade Pole is Maintaining discipline and quick work can sometimes become a problem, especially when the crowd is always in hurry and an irritable mood. Crowd control Barricade Pole helps solve this problem by providing its varied range of solutions. Our products help maintain a free-flow of passengers and effective service.
Q up Barricade Stand for Events: Q Up Barricade Stand is Suitable for Event Management companies and convenient for event-goers, our products make events more organized and help maintain the crowd effectively.
Queue Management System - Q Manager for Banks: Queue Management System is In order for the customers to be dealt with on an individual basis, certain businesses require acute and thorough maintenance of discipline Manager provides options for effective attention as well as discipline maintenance over counters and business areas.
Queue Manager for Shopping Malls:To ensure convenient shopping experience for the customers as well as apt crowd management for the mall, our products find use in many tasks like counter queuing, security frisking, etc.
Queue Manager with Belt or Ribbon for Clubs, Theatres & Multiplexes: A fine blend of elegance as well as state-of-the-art queuing technology offers places like Theatres, Multiplexes and Clubs with flexible options of superior inner décor. Our products help maintain safety as well as security whilst letting the customers enjoy their time out.

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