Door Frame Metal Detector-Auto SafeGate III

Product Image Descriptions Specifications
AUTO SAFEGATE III: Dual Zone Auto-Set Walk-Through Metal Detector
Power Source: 90-270V AC and 12V/7AH Battery Seamless battery changeover in case of mains failure Batteries are internally and automatically charged during operation.
Power Consumption: Less than 40 Watts.
Operating Principal: Delta-Q
Auto calibration.
Operating Frequency: 20 kHz (nominal)
Sine Wave.
Sensors: Infrared sensors are incorporated to prevent metal outside the door frame from interfering with the system and also for the purpose algebraic counting of the traffic going through the door frame.
Sensitivity: 10-Step adjustable sensitivity from Low to detect objects like grenades, Guns and Swords to High to detect objects like watches, keys etc.
Alarm: Loud piezoelectric alarm with two-step volume control .
Controls: i)ON/OFF Switch
iii)10 Position SENSITIVITY Switch
Indicators: a)GREEN LED "WALK" Indicator.
b)RED LED "STOP" Indicator.
c)10 STEP LED BAR level Indicator.
d)LOW / MEDIUM / HIGH LED Indicator lights.
e)BLUE LED to indicate battery operation.
f)f) 5 Digit back-lit Intelligent LCD Counter.
Intelligent Traffic Counter: Microcontroller based 5 digit back-lit intelligent LCD counter to indicate in, out and algebraic sum of the traffic.
Overall Dimensions: 7 ft x 2 ft 9" x 1 ft
Featres: a)Quick installation – no training required.
b)9 levels of sensitivity and 2 levels of alarm.
c)Ignores external metals.
d)10 step bar-graph indicator.
e)3 level LED indicator for low, medium and high levels of alarm.
f)Piezoelectric beeper for indication of metal.