Door Frame Metal Detector-AutoSafeGateII

Product Image Descriptions Specifications
AUTO SAFEGATE II: Dual Zone Auto-Set Walk-Through Metal Detector
Power Source: SMPS power supply for use with 90V to 270V and 12V/7AH Battery Seamless battery changeover in case of mains failure Batteries are internally and automatically charged during operation.
Power Consumption: Less than 40 Watts.
Operating Principal: Delta-Q
Auto calibration.
Operating Frequency: 20 kHz (nominal)
Sine Wave.
Sensors: Infrared sensors are incorporated to prevent metal outside the door frame from interfering with the system.
Sensitivity: 10-Step adjustable sensitivity from Low to detect objects like grenades, Guns and Swords to High to detect objects like watches, keys etc.
Alarm: Loud piezoelectric alarm with two-step volume control .
Controls: i)ON/OFF Switch
iii)10 Position SENSITIVITY Switch
Indicators: a)GREEN LED "WALK" Indicator.
b)RED LED "STOP" Indicator.
c)10 STEP LED BAR-GRAPH Indicator.
d)LOW / MEDIUM / HIGH LED Indicator lights.
e)BLUE LED to indicate battery operation.
Passage Clearance: 6 ft 6" x 2 ft 6"
Featres: a)Quick installation – no training required.
b)9 levels of sensitivity and 2 levels of alarm.
c)Ignores external metals.
d)10 step bar-graph indicator.
e)3 level LED indicator for low, medium and high levels of alarm.
f)Piezoelectric beeper for indication of metal.