Scanner Baggage

S.No. Features
1 Image Archiving
2 Multi-language Support.
3 Dual-energy Material Discrimination
4 Assist to Detect Drug and Explosive Powder
5 Ideal Method of Inspecting Oversized and Bulky Freight
6 Ease of Handling Heavy Goods via Low Conveyor Belt
7 Ergonomically Designed Operating Console Features User-friendly
8 GPU-accelerated Image Processing
Descriptions Specifications
Tunnel Size 500(W) ×300 (H) m
Conveyor Max. Load 200kg
Conveyor Speed 0.20m/s
Resolution 0.1mm metal wire
Penetration 10mm steel
Film Safety Guaranteed up to high speed film ISO 1600
X-ray Leakage less than 1μSv/h (at a distance of 5 cm from extern al housing)
X-ray Voltage 140KV
Cooling/Duty cycle Oil cooling/100%
Image System X-ray Sensor L-shaped photodiodes array
Image Presentation B/W, pseudo color, multi-energy
Image Processing: edge enhancement, inorganic stripping, organic stripping, negative,
Storage Image Storage 20000 pictures real time
Zone & Zoom 9 image region, 2-, 4-, 8-times enlargement
Image Grey Level 4096
Image Max Resolution 1280 ×1024 pixel
Image Processing High resolution color double liquid crystal display
Monitor High resolution color double liquid crystal display
Additional Features Fading-in of date/time, luggage counter, user ID- number display of operating mode, power-on self- diagnosis, network interface
Data Operating Temperature/ Humidity 0oC ~ 45oC/20% ~ 95 %( non-condensing) -10oC ~ 45oC/20% ~ 95 %( selectable)
Storage Temperature/ Humidity 20oC ~ 60oC/20% ~ 95 %( non-condensing)
Power/Power Consumption 220VAC (+10% ~ -15%) 50+3Hz/1.4KAV