Hydraulic Tyre Killers

Lane Width 3mtr, 4mtr, 5mtr & 6mtr.
Speed 1.5 Sec.
Mobile/Fixed Fixed
Descriptions Specifications
Foundation 700mm
Mechanism Electro-mechanical
Mobile/Fixed Fixed
Speed 1.5sec.
System Type Active2-way spikes,Hollow with provision of vent for punctured tyres Compressed Air
MTBF (Mean Time Before Failure) 10 Million operation
Height of Spike 162mm
Height of Spike above block 100mm
Dimension from Ground H-130mm, W-1000mm, L-240mm
Spike dimensions 200*45mm
Width of the block 1000mm
Length of the block 4000mm (Customized)
Thickness of Strip 15mm
Spike to Spike Distance 85mm
Housing Galvanised Mild Steel Body
Installation depth 600mm
Vehicle Load 25 ton
Safety Devices Remote Control, Smart Card Reader, Optional Beam Sensor, Loop Detectors, Biometric Devices etc (Optional)
Spike of Steel Material
Underground Housing L*W*H 4600mm*400mm*950mm
Cycles per hour 250
Power Supply 110-240V AC
Operative Options Push button and Remote Control
In case of Power Failure Manual Operation available with hand pump
Control panel Adjustable according to the customer need
Shock Resistance High level and extremely sturdy
Finishing Treatment Zinc coating (inside out), stainless steel cover, anti-corrosion treatment
Operating Temperature -20 to 60 degree centigrade