Crash Rated Barrier

Lane Width 600 cm
Speed 3-6 Sec.
Mechanism Electro - Hydraulic
Mobile/Fixed Fixed
Descriptions Specifications
Barrier Type Dual Cable Drop Arm
Mechanism Electro - Hydraulic
Mobile/Fixed Fixed or Mobile
Dimensions Length: Up to 600cm
Width : 180 cm
Height: 90 cm
Body of Barrier 8mm Steel pannels with 2 steel cables of 18mm diameter which are provided with in the arms of the barrier. On impact, the steel cable absorbs the energy but also pulls out the concrete blocks from their foundation in order to wrap them around the vehicle and bring it to a complete halt. Double hoops with steel cables should be located at the end of the barrier arm. When Closing, the hoops encircles the anchor at the opposite end of the barrier.
Power Supply 440V AC (3 Phase)
Lifting Capacity The barrier is able to lift up to 6000 kg.
Operating Pressure Pressure in the oil pump can be adjusted between 30v to 60 bars.
Speed Opening and closing times can be adjusted between 3 to 6 seconds and speeds are adjusted separately through hydraulic adjusters in a closed circuit system.
Operative Options Push Button and Remote Control
Manual Options Manual Hydraulic Pump
In Case of Power Failure System can be operated by opening a hydraulic valve that releases pressure from the piston.
Safety Machanism In an event of a tear in a hydraulic pipe, the piston automatically locks the safeety lock and the arm serves as security block only.
Additional Fetures The whole hydraulic system is installed in the barrier body.
Two pairs of photo eye sensors are provided for security inside and outsidde of the site.
Warning light are activated when the barrier is in operation.