Door Frame Metal Detector-Safe Gate DZ/h3>

Product Image Descriptions Specifications
SAFEGATE DZ: Dual Zone Walk Through Metal Detector.
SENSITIVITY: 200 sensitivity levels for precise detection of target objects.
CALIBRATION: Automatic calibration. No initial or periodic calibration necessary Automatic calibration. No initial or periodic calibration necessary.
INDICATORS: a)Adjustable audio indication.
b)LED bar graph signal strength indicator.
c)LCD display for counting and message nnunciation.
INTERFERENCE REJECTION: High immunity to external electrical interference, such as x-ray machines, Computer or CCTV monitors detected.
MEMORY: Parameters stored in non-volatile RAM so no loss of settings as a result of power failure or turning off the unit.
TRAFFIC COUNTER: Microcontroller based intelligent LCD counter to indicate in, out and algebraic sum of the traffic.
POWER SOURCE: SMPS 90-270V AC & 12V/7AH Battery Seamless battery changeover in case of mains failure Batteries are internally & automatically charged during operation.
BATTERY BACKUP: Integral 12V 7AH chargeable Battery with built-in charger to cope with power failures of over 10 hours.
CONSTRUCTION: Rugged structure made of detachable laminated side panels for ease to install & transportation.
WEIGHT: 60 Kgs (Approx)
FEATURES: a)Intelligent microprocessor based design.
b)Unique dual zone detection.
c)Adjustable zone sensitivity.
d)Walk and Stop indicators to regulate traffic.
e)Auto calibration - Does not require zero adjustment.
f)Piezoelectric beeper for indication of metal.
g)Intelligent traffic counter.
h)SMPS power supply for use with 90V to 270V.
i)Built in full-function battery backup.