Automation for Swing Gates

Honesty Group is a leading manufacturer and exporter of gate automation in India, with 8 years of experience in the industry. We provide high quality, cost effective and ideal solution for your courtyard or articulated swing gates. The 300dc and 400ac electromechanical gate opener offers a wide range of choice between the dc24v and ac220v versions, with soft start and slow stop function. The main intention of automatic gate access system is to restrict unauthorized intruders from entering the particular premises using modern security systems. We manufacture the best of devices to meet the needs of our potential customers. Easily operated by means of a remote control from inside your car or push button from inside the guard- room. Silent Rotary Drive units, reliable and maintenance free. An inbuilt clutch system suspends the motion of the gate, should it come in contact with child or car. A special electrical lock offers the convenience of automatic locking of the gate. In case of power failure, the lock may be manually opened with the help of a special passkey. Microprocessor based control panel is capable of communicating with optional devices such as photo sensors, card readers, etc.