Scanner Machine

S.No. Features
1 One-key shutdown control: just turn the key to turn off the machine; it is safety, easy and comfortable.
2 Safety ray: Ray is transmitted under automatic control, avoiding errors.
3 Eagle-eye: can expediently observe the enlargement area.
4 Simple operation with mouse: without keyboard and workbench, control with mouse easily.
5 Optimize Amplification Function: Provides 128-level continuous amplification.
6 Function for small items, this has a higher performance compared to traditional magnification and more beautiful amplification effect.
7 Drug and explosive detection enhancements: some of which are more typical of additional detection of drugs and explosives and other harmful articles.
8 Self-diagnosis function: Automatically send messages if damage to request treatment.
Descriptions Specifications
Exterior Size 2040 (L) X920 (W) X1300 (H) mm
Tunnel Size 650 (W) X500 (H) mm
Speed conveyor 0.22 m / s
Conveyor Max Load 180 kg
Wire Distinguish Ability Ø 0.0787mm
Penetration Steel 43mm
Safety Film for ISO 1600
Beam Direction From Below
Current Tubes 0.4-1.2ma (adjustable)
Anode Voltage 100-160KV (adjustable)
Single Dose Inspection <0.33 μGy / H
Cooler / Cycle Sealed bath oil by force water
Operating Temperature -20 ° C-60 ° C
Relative Humidity 20% -95% (non-condensing)
Noise <55DB
Voltage 220VAC (± 10%) 50 ± 3Hz
Power 0.5KVA